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2017-Dec-3 Request for tenders for the supply of collection management services
2009-Jan-1 Barn Cleanup Photo !!
2008-May-11 Preparing for Sea Container from Paul Repacholi Photo !!
2005-Jul-3 Moisture Problem - Barn Northern Wall Photo !!
2004-Aug-15 Storage Boxes for Keyboards Photo !!
2004-Aug Rear Barn Shelving Photo !!
2004-Apr-26 Purchase & Transport of Dexion for shelving Photo !!
2004-Jan-17 Cabinet Cleaning Photo !!
2004-Jan Assistance from Senson Technology - Corrosion Protection Photo !!
2003-May-3 Building yet another bay of shelving Photo !!
2003-Mar Dust Treatment for Larger Cabinets Photo !!
2003-Mar Barn Lighting Photo !!
2003-Jan Moisture Seal - Take 3 Photo !!
2002-Jun Construction of a double sided, winch up hoist Photo !!
2002 Software Sorting Photo !!
2001-Jan Software Shed Insulation Photo !!
2000-Aug Moisture Seal - Take 2
2000-Jun Moisture Seal - Take 1