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2017-Dec-3 Request for tenders for the supply of collection management services
2017-Dec-3 Request for tenders for the supply of collection management services
2017-Dec-3 Request for tenders for the supply of collection management services
2012-Apr-27 Moving items from Wireless Hill to ACMS Photo !!
2012-Apr-27 Transfer of ownership of items from Wireless Hill to ACMS WA Photo !!
2009-Sep-21 Fixing up the CDC core memory Photo !!
2009-Sep-13 False Floor Photo !!
2009-Feb-2 SGI 2000's Photo !!
2009-Jan-1 Barn Cleanup Photo !!
2008-Dec Commodore Pet Photo !!
2008-May-11 Preparing for Sea Container from Paul Repacholi Photo !!
2006-Sep-1 Erik's CDC Core arrives in Damaged Condition Photo !!
2006-May-29 ErikB would like to swap some core memory with us. Photo !!
2006-Jan-30 Facom 760 Mainframe from Amcap Photo !!
2005-Aug-23 Zenith Lunch Box Photo !!
2005-Aug-20 Ancient mag tape front - aluminium casting and drive motors Photo !!
2005-Aug-20 IBM Electric Typewriter Photo !!
2005-Aug-20 Chris Oakeley collection Photo !!
2005-Jul-14 Ivor Stockwell - saved items from Alcoa
2005-Jul-3 Moisture Problem - Barn Northern Wall Photo !!
2005-Jul-1 Commodore 64 stuff
2005-May-1 Key To Tape machine from Graham McDonald Photo !!
2005-Apr-24 Memorex 1174 from Bevan Harris, Suncorp Photo !!
2004-Nov-21 AGM 2004
2004-Nov Rescue of several machines from Rollie's place - part 2 Photo !!
2004-Oct Post Book Sorting 2 Photo !!
2004-Aug-15 Storage Boxes for Keyboards Photo !!
2004-Aug Rear Barn Shelving Photo !!
2004-Jul-1 DEC Alpha 2100 from Johann Melvill, TIWEST Photo !!
2004-Jun Laurie Data Input of DEC Manuals Photo !!
2004-Apr-26 Purchase & Transport of Dexion for shelving Photo !!
2004-Apr-22 SUN and IBM RISC Processors from Mark Wright, "Computer Surplus" Photo !!
2004-Apr Post Book Sorting 1 Photo !!
2004-Feb-24 Sun Machines Nick Bannon and James Andrewartha Photo !!
2004-Feb-1 Rescue of several machines from Rollie's place Photo !!
2004-Jan-17 Cabinet Cleaning Photo !!
2004-Jan Assistance from Senson Technology - Corrosion Protection Photo !!
2004-Jan Hardware Donations from Richard Martyn Photo !!
2003-Dec-21 IBM RS6000 Photo !!
2003-Dec Laurie Anderson - Vax Station 4000, Apple Mac Notebook Photo !!
2003-Dec Mark Debelich - Dec Alpha, HP hub Photo !!
2003-Nov-5 SGI Chrimson Elan Photo !!
2003-Sep-4 Donations from Albert King - Exidy Sorcerer, Portable Commodore Photo !!
2003-Sep-3 Vax 4000 Photo !!
2003-Jul-16 Book Sorting Photo !!
2003-Jul Redistributing Mundaring Shire Obsolete Computers within the shire Photo !!
2003-Jun-29 AGM, lunch, election of officers Photo !!
2003-May-31 Olivetti dedicated word processor (circa 1980) Photo !!
2003-May-31 Securing the staff room at the Hillview Centre - continued Photo !!
2003-May-23 Securing the Staff Room at the Hillview Centre Photo !!
2003-May-14 Siemens Telex machine with 5 hole paper punch and reader. Photo !!
2003-May-3 Building yet another bay of shelving Photo !!
2003-Apr-20 Bendix G15 Module Replacement and Photographing Photo !!
2003-Apr-19 Unisys A1 processor cabinet Photo !!
2003-Mar-7 Initial Viewing of Potential Museum Site - Hillview Centre Photo !!
2003-Mar Dust Treatment for Larger Cabinets Photo !!
2003-Mar Barn Lighting Photo !!
2003-Feb DEC PDP 8/E and other equipment from Human Movement Centre UWA Photo !!
2003-Jan Moisture Seal - Take 3 Photo !!
2002-Oct-1 Various DEC equipment from Bob Bridgeman Photo !!
2002-Jul PC Epsons
2002-Jun Construction of a double sided, winch up hoist Photo !!
2002-Apr PC Clone Collection
2002-Feb Repairs to PDP 11/20
2002 Software Sorting Photo !!
2001-Oct IBM PS2 collection
2001-Jun IBM PC / XT collection
2001-May Repair of UPS's for sale to public
2001-Jan Software Shed Insulation Photo !!
2000-Aug Keyboard Checking
2000-Aug Moisture Seal - Take 2
2000-Aug Monitor Checking Photo !!
2000-Jun Moisture Seal - Take 1
2000 Other CROs
1999-May Design and Construction of a serial cable tester Photo !!
1999 Lavoie 265 CRO Photo !!
1998 Recovery of original disintegrating Bendix test tape
1998 Creation of a Bendix G15 emulator
1998 Creation of a web site to hold Bendix manuals and images
1998 Set up PC interface to Telex machine Paper Tape Reader/Punch
1998 Scanning of Bendix Manuals
1900-Jan-1 Wooroloo Property Photo !!