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2012-Apr-27 Transfer of ownership of items from Wireless Hill to ACMS WA Photo !!
2012-Apr-27 Moving items from Wireless Hill to ACMS Photo !!
2009-Sep-21 Fixing up the CDC core memory Photo !!
2009-Sep-13 False Floor Photo !!
2009-Feb-2 SGI 2000's Photo !!
2009-Jan-1 Barn Cleanup Photo !!
2008-Dec Commodore Pet Photo !!
2008-May-11 Preparing for Sea Container from Paul Repacholi Photo !!
2006-Sep-1 Erik's CDC Core arrives in Damaged Condition Photo !!
2006-May-29 ErikB would like to swap some core memory with us. Photo !!
2006-Jan-30 Facom 760 Mainframe from Amcap Photo !!
2005-Aug-23 Zenith Lunch Box Photo !!
2005-Aug-20 Chris Oakeley collection Photo !!
2005-Aug-20 IBM Electric Typewriter Photo !!
2005-Aug-20 Ancient mag tape front - aluminium casting and drive motors Photo !!
2005-Jul-14 Ivor Stockwell - saved items from Alcoa
2005-Jul-3 Moisture Problem - Barn Northern Wall Photo !!
2005-Jul-1 Commodore 64 stuff
2005-May-1 Key To Tape machine from Graham McDonald Photo !!
2005-Apr-24 Memorex 1174 from Bevan Harris, Suncorp Photo !!
2004-Nov-21 AGM 2004
2004-Nov Rescue of several machines from Rollie's place - part 2 Photo !!
2004-Oct Post Book Sorting 2 Photo !!
2004-Aug-15 Storage Boxes for Keyboards Photo !!
2004-Aug Rear Barn Shelving Photo !!
2004-Jul-1 DEC Alpha 2100 from Johann Melvill, TIWEST Photo !!
2004-Jun Laurie Data Input of DEC Manuals Photo !!
2004-Apr-26 Purchase & Transport of Dexion for shelving Photo !!
2004-Apr-22 SUN and IBM RISC Processors from Mark Wright, "Computer Surplus" Photo !!
2004-Apr Post Book Sorting 1 Photo !!
2004-Feb-24 Sun Machines Nick Bannon and James Andrewartha Photo !!
2004-Feb-1 Rescue of several machines from Rollie's place Photo !!
2004-Jan-17 Cabinet Cleaning Photo !!
2004-Jan Hardware Donations from Richard Martyn Photo !!
2004-Jan Assistance from Senson Technology - Corrosion Protection Photo !!
2003-Dec-21 IBM RS6000 Photo !!
2003-Dec Laurie Anderson - Vax Station 4000, Apple Mac Notebook Photo !!
2003-Dec Mark Debelich - Dec Alpha, HP hub Photo !!
2003-Nov-5 SGI Chrimson Elan Photo !!
2003-Sep-4 Donations from Albert King - Exidy Sorcerer, Portable Commodore Photo !!
2003-Sep-3 Vax 4000 Photo !!
2003-Jul-16 Book Sorting Photo !!
2003-Jul Redistributing Mundaring Shire Obsolete Computers within the shire Photo !!
2003-Jun-29 AGM, lunch, election of officers Photo !!
2003-May-31 Olivetti dedicated word processor (circa 1980) Photo !!
2003-May-31 Securing the staff room at the Hillview Centre - continued Photo !!
2003-May-23 Securing the Staff Room at the Hillview Centre Photo !!
2003-May-14 Siemens Telex machine with 5 hole paper punch and reader. Photo !!
2003-May-3 Building yet another bay of shelving Photo !!
2003-Apr-20 Bendix G15 Module Replacement and Photographing Photo !!
2003-Apr-19 Unisys A1 processor cabinet Photo !!
2003-Mar-7 Initial Viewing of Potential Museum Site - Hillview Centre Photo !!
2003-Mar Barn Lighting Photo !!
2003-Mar Dust Treatment for Larger Cabinets Photo !!
2003-Feb DEC PDP 8/E and other equipment from Human Movement Centre UWA Photo !!
2003-Jan Moisture Seal - Take 3 Photo !!
2002-Oct-1 Various DEC equipment from Bob Bridgeman Photo !!
2002-Jul PC Epsons
2002-Jun Construction of a double sided, winch up hoist Photo !!
2002-Apr PC Clone Collection
2002-Feb Repairs to PDP 11/20
2002 Software Sorting Photo !!
2001-Oct IBM PS2 collection
2001-Jun IBM PC / XT collection
2001-May Repair of UPS's for sale to public
2001-Jan Software Shed Insulation Photo !!
2000-Aug Keyboard Checking
2000-Aug Monitor Checking Photo !!
2000-Aug Moisture Seal - Take 2
2000-Jun Moisture Seal - Take 1
2000 Other CROs
1999-May Design and Construction of a serial cable tester Photo !!
1999 Lavoie 265 CRO Photo !!
1998 Creation of a Bendix G15 emulator
1998 Creation of a web site to hold Bendix manuals and images
1998 Scanning of Bendix Manuals
1998 Recovery of original disintegrating Bendix test tape
1998 Set up PC interface to Telex machine Paper Tape Reader/Punch
1900-Jan-1 Wooroloo Property Photo !!