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The computer museum could more accurately be described at this stage as a lot of boxes on shelves.
Here is a picture of the barn that houses most of the collection.
The barn is located in Mundaring, Western Australia and covers an area of 200 square metres.The barn is at the bottom of our 5 acre block. Up the top, in what should be our car gararge, is the software shed - with many cupboards of software and a few working machines.
There are approximately 4000 items in the barn ranging from circuit boards to an IBM 360 mainframe.Because we are zoned as "Rural Landscape Living" - this means that we cannot open to the general public
(even though there is enough room on the paddock to park 15 buses)
However, if you are in Western Australia - you are always welcome to arrange a private visit and we will show you around

As curator - I wage a constant battle to keep the layers of debris, washing in through the door of the barn, under control
My main activity seems to be shelf construction. The barn is 4.5 m high - most of the shelving goes right up to the roof
It takes constant self discipline to avoid being flooded by new items and actually get on with cataloguing and web page development

As well as hardware we also collect manuals and software - so before you throw anything out - contact us first !

ACMS (WA inc) is a formally constituted organisation with a constitution, members, meetings and the works.

We also have Gift Tax Deductibility Status - which means that if you give us money - you can claim it as a tax deduction.

We have been trying for many years to find a site for a public exhibition space - but in this brave new world of economic rationalisation - this is pretty difficult. Most government departments do not have any empty old workshops - they have all been sold off and leased back.

So if you know of an empty space that is going begging - Please let us know.

The Barn

Just inside the roller door

Photographic area

Mini Computers in the central void

Shelving in the central void

Central Void

Shelving in the central void

Extreme Left Corridor

DEC Area

Right Hand Corridor

Extreme Right Hand Corridor

S100 Area

Some of the Cables

Barn Cat

Barn Cat

The Software Shed

Ex Garage -> Software Shed - Note supplies of
foam insulation and shelving material

Interior View

Mag Tapes

Mag Tapes

Software Cupboards

Flotsam and Jetsam awaiting Storage

More Cupboards + "Working Machines"

Disk Packs