2016-Sep-26 - UK Trip 2016 - Oxford to Heathrow - Monday
This was a shitty, shitty day.

A bit of a pity that it was our last experience in the UK.

If we had planned a bit better we would have headed back to London on the previous day and booked in to an airport hotel as effectively we made the same trip on both Sunday and Monday.

We had the idea that we would return the hire car as early as possible, lodge our cases at baggage storage at the airport and then use an all day tube pass to visit some of the parks and gardens around London.

The journey back to the hire car office was fairly uneventful until we attempted to exit the M5 on to the appropriate round about.

This was the same piece of navigation as at the start of our journey and went just as badly - there were several missed turns, repeated entry on to the same section of road and much shouting at each other.

This was all very traumatic and left me white knuckled and shaken.

We topped up the fuel in the car, threw out some rubbish and dropped the vehicle off.

We took a taxi back to the airport and found the left luggage section.

We were shocked to discover that the storage cost would be 44 pounds - about $90.

This was further compounded when we visited the Emirates counter and were told that we could have lodged our luggage early with them at no charge at all.

Eventually we found the access to the underground tube station only to discover that our trip in to London would take over an hour.

A fast, 15 minute train would cost us 36 pounds each (about a total of $150) with no underground component thrown in for the price.

At this stage I started feeling angry and that I was being ripped off in the UK at every turn.

We decided to put up with the slow journery and buy a pair of all day tube passes.

Progress along the Piccadily line was slow but uneventful until we went to change to the Bakerloo line to reach Regents Park.

It turned out that someone had just killed themselves by jumping on to the tube track in front of a train.

We could not face working out how to use the bus system to reach Regents Park so we surfaced at Piccadily Circus to have a look around and grab a bit of lunch.

By now it was 4 pm and we decided that we should start heading back to the airport for our flight.

However, we decided to have one last attempt to visit a park by stopping off at Hyde Park on the way back.

This was pretty hard work for Linda to drag herself up and down the stairs but we eventually made it to a park bench in the park and sat down to enjoy the peace and greenery.

At this point we witnessed a stray dog kill a grey squirrel in front of our eyes.

I chased after the dog waving my umbrella and started yelling at a nearby group of people thinking that it was their dog (turns out it wasn't).

Now I was really fed up, told Linda I just wanted to get back to the airport and strode off leaving Linda far behind>

Back at the station I stopped to let Linda catch up and she appeared 5 minutes later.

The train back to Heathrow was really packed with commuters and it was not until the second last station that I was able to sit down.

. Back at the airport we scavenged a wheel chair, retrieved our luggage and checked it in.

The special assistance people guided us through the boarding process - this was very much appreciated.