2016-Sep-24 - UK Trip 2016 - Oxford - Saturday
We again took a bus in to the centre of town and located the tour bus stand.

This gave us a 24 pass to jump on and off the various tour buses running around town.

We effectively completed the same tour twice.

A bewildering barrage of college names and background history begain to make sense with repetition.

We stopped off at the railway station to book tickets for a visit to Kew Gardens the next day.

We also jumped off for coffee at another venue. We ended sitting in the sun, sipping on our beverages surrounded by splendid medieval buildings.

Later we made our way through the covered markets to find a Lloyds Bank so that we could withdraw some cash on our travel cards.

Linda had left a drawful of clothers back at the previous hotel.

They were small, cheap items, not worth losing half a day to go back and retrieve.

Instead she parked me in a coffee shop in a busy shopping centre while she went off to replace them.

By now it was time for an evening meal. We headed for the "Head of the River" pub on the opposite side of the bridge from last night's meal.

We could have found seats outside next to the river but it was a bit too cold.

Instead we ended up inside, had a typical pub meal and I caught up on my newspaper reading.

The Bridge of Sighs

View from Coffee Shop