2016-Sep-22 - UK Trip 2016 - Stratford upon Avon - Thursday
Again - a very pleasant breakfast in the morning in the same impressive dining room.

While Linda was having a rest I went on a short walk through the nearby woods and farmland.

The hotel ordered us a taxi and we were very shortly in Stratford.

Although the traffic was just as busy as everywhere else there were a number of pedestrian only streets and I enjoyed walking amoungst the topsy - turvey tudor houses.

I very much wanted a coffee by now. We noticed that coffee, scones and clotted cream were available in a café on the top floor of the theatre so we spent some time up there with views over the canal.

Later in the day we found a pub with canal views, spent a couple of hours there and had lunch and a few drinks.

Then back to the hotel in a taxi and another very pleasant evening meal.

Walking around the hotel grounds

View from on high from theatre

View from pub