2016-Sep-11 - UK Trip 2016 - Locks above Napton - Sunday
A very slow start.

We let everyone else get through the locks and stood around chatting to other boaters and watching how it was done.

Then we filled up the onboard water tank and set off.

We had 9 locks to pass through.

This went as well as could be expected.

On the second lock I did not close the lower gate properly and the leakage rate meant that we could not equalise the level to the next lock pond.

Some boaters travelling in the opposite direction very kindly helped us out.

I did all the work opening the paddles and pushing the huge wooden beam that swung the lock gate open.

Linda operated the throttle and the tiller to move the boat in to each lock.

In many cases the gates were already open waiting for us to enter as we alternated with other boats descending through the locks. All the other boaters were very helpful and friendly.

Linda freaked out and did not enjoy herself at all.

I found it pretty hard work but overall quite satisfying.

At the second last lock there was absolutely no one around so we had a chance to run through our drill, and make our mistakes, completely unobserved.

We were advised not to attempt the next pub (the Wharf Inn) as a lot of boaters had already headed there and the pub would be completely patronised.

After emerging from the top lock, we travelled about a kilometer until we found a straight stretch of tow path and moored up for the night.

Watching how it's done