2016-Sep-9 - UK Trip 2016 - Banbury to Napton, Pick up the boat hire - Friday
Today was the day to pick up the narrow boat from Black Prince Holidays at the Napton marina.

First off - a big shop at Sainsburys in Banbury - bread, milk, fruit, etc and diesel for the hire car.

The onboard sat nav delivered us faithfully in to the little town of Napton where we visited the local shop.

This is a very cute little town with really steep humpback bridges going over the canal.

The bridges can only take one car in one direction at a time and I noticed that the drivers toot their horns as they approach.

The Black Prince Office was only a short distance away at Wigrams Marina.

When we arrived we found our boat was already pulled up to the loading dock, with the engine running, ready for us to go aboard.

At this point I was really crook from a migraine induced by the stress of navigating the car.

I was unsure if I was up to taking the boat out of the marina that day and talked to the harbour master about the posibility of staying in overnight.

However, by the time I had transferred all our gear on to the boat I was starting to recover. The harbour master took us through all the features of the boat and used a model of a lock to explain how to operate them.

I handed operation of the boat over to Linda as I anticipated that she would do all the manoevering and I would do all the running around on the locks and when mooring.

This resulted in some rather chaotic moments and we tied up just a short distance outside the marina.

Our boat at the marina


The Poo meter