2016-Sep-4 - UK Trip 2016 - Departure - Sunday
Like every other holiday, the day of departure came roaring over the horizon and caught us unprepared.

At 6.30 pm we said farewell to our house sitters and drove our own car out to the Perth International Airport, leaving it in the long term parking.

We caught a shuttle bus to terminal 1, checked in and made our way through security to the departure lounge. The flight to Dubai was just as arduous as every other time. Fortunately the 11 hour flight passed as quickly as possible due to the excellent on board entertainment system on the Air Emirates 3380. Also sitting in aisle seats helped a lot.

We were almost the last off the plane and I questioned some assistants with wheel chairs as to where everyone else had headed.

Linda was already limping badly and they thought she must have booked a wheelchair service.

After clearing up that misunderstanding they told us that she could still have a wheelchair and this was heaven sent.

Dubai now consists of 3 separate terminals and we needed to get from one to another. In fact we had to use a train service. Without the assistant pushing the wheelchair we would have been completely lost and I doubt that we would have made our connection in the two hour period that we had allowed.

They were very hospitable and delivered us to a special service that looked after disabled people (Linda can only walk about 50 metres at a time). It was much appreciated but also made us feel rather vulnerable not being in control and depending on others to call our names out and put us on a little courtesy shuttle car.

Anyway - they advised us to talk to the Air Emirates personnel and organise a wheelchair to meet us at the Heathrow end.