2013-Jan-19 - Wooroloo - Floorboards #5
At home I still had a small pile and a large pile remaining.

On Friday I loaded the small pile on to the trailer and at 5.00 pm headed off to Wooroloo.

I don't know where the time went - I unloaded the trailer, had some dinner and then worked on stacking and ratcheting the 5m stack.

By 10.00 pm I had only completed another 3 layers.

Some of the cheap little ratchet sets are starting to fail - ie they are jumping past the stops.

On Sunday I bought some very cheap ratchet sets at Bunnings - 39mm x 6m tails and rated at 600 Kg weight.

Having some decent ratchet sets might get me motivated again as I have grown rather fed up with the stacking process and I am contemplating giving it a break for a few weeks.

There is no point bring the large pile from Mundaring to Wooroloo at this stage as I presently have no where to stack it in the garage area.

Progress made on Friday night

Some new ratchets