2012-Dec-15 - Wooroloo - Floorboards #1
I am making the big push to move all the marri timber out to Wooroloo.

I have several reasons for this.

Firstly, the timber on the small plateau is being subjected to a lot of weathering.

Secondly, I very much wanted to see the condition of the timber in the drying shed after four years of curing.

On Tuesday afternoon I spent the later afternoon loading the plateau pile on to the trailer.

Wednesday afternoon I made the trip out to site and wedged the timbers between the jarrah pile and the wall in the garage area.

Some of the timber is curved and I am hoping that a long steady pressure will straighten them up again.

Of course, just as I finished unroping everything, a thunderstorm arrived and the heavens opened up.

The following 2 Saturdays have been spent carrying more loads out to site and preparing the garage area to create some timber stacks.

I restacked the first load of timber because I was concerned it would force the wall out of position.

Instead of using the wall to apply force I have used truckie ratchets to pull curved planks together.

The following weekend I cleared out the central space ready to accept the piles of timber.

Stacking the timber properly is a very time consuming process.

I need to place bowed timber counter to each other and then apply the truckie ratchets.

The ratchets need to be applied to alternating layers to stop the corrected timber merely springing out of shape again.

If I devoted myself full time to this moving process then I would make no progress at all on the steel works.

I have decided to take a small trailer load with me each time I visit the site.

Plateau timber wedged next to wall

Restacked and WeatherTex on top

Central garage area cleared to accept floorboards

Some stacked, some roughly sorted

Timber stacks removed from drying shed

Taking a little bit on the trailer for each visit