2011-Apr-24 - Wooroloo - Workshop #7
In order to construct the workshop walls I will need to pour some footings and construct brick work up to about 1500 mm in order to retain some earthen walls that we cut in to when creating the space.

I had been keeping an eye out for bricks being advertised in my area in the local Quokka paper.

Two weeks ago I found 300 besser bricks in Mt Helena. It turned out that Linda even knew the person through yoga.

After a few delays with me not being ready, and them needing to resurface their driveway, I picked up the first half of the load on Easter Sunday.

I took the dual axle trailer (had to spend quite a long time checking tyres etc because I haven't used it for 9 months) and very carefully backed it up their new driveway.

There were 120 bricks in a pile near a gate and I loaded these on to the trailer.

I know the trailer is capable of carrying a vehicle but I am unsure how many bricks this translates to.

The tyres seemed to barely flatten so I a sure I was not overloaded.

For the remaining 30 bricks, I walked up and down, 15 times to another pile slightly down a hill and loaded these on to the back of the utility.

After that, it was a routine trip out to Wooroloo and an hour or two to prepare a flat site and unload them.

I was in a bit of a quandry as to where to place them at Wooroloo.

I need them close to the workshop. I don't want to block delivery of a pile of sand and a pile of aggregate. I don't want to block the entrance to the garage when I get around to the job of cladding it with weatherboard.

In the end I prepared a little area next to the well and this accommodated the first load. Where I will place the second load - I'm not sure.

I might be able to move the remaining 150 on Anzac day.

300 bricks is far in excess of what I will need but I am sure I will find some other uses.

Loading at the seller's site

Loaded, strapped and ready to go

And some in the back of the utility as well

Unloaded and stacked at my end