2011-Apr-16 - Wooroloo - Yard # 8
Here's what I had hoped to do on Saturday :

1) Paint retaining ring with bitumen

2) Paint top timber for shade cloth

3) Spray covering sheets Woodlands Grey

4) Insulation batts out of garage and workshop areas

5) Cut gable edge covering out of flat sheet metal and install

6) Remove temporary site toilet.

Here's what I managed to do:

I arrived at 6.30 am and left at 6.45 pm.

My first job was to paint the retaining ring with bitumen.

I had an almost full 1 litre can and this just managed to do the outside of the ring and a bit inside.

This took about an hour.

The retaining ring will be installed around the Ecomax pumping tank to allow the present ground levels without the tank being covered up by earth.

Next I started spray painting the metal covering sheets placed over all the purlins.

These were very bright and shiny and a mixture of colours.

I painted them all "Woodlands Grey" and now the piles look less conspicuous.

This is probably a completely unnecessary job but I'm thinking my neighbours will be happier looking at them this way (even though they have already said it is ok).

For some reason this took me at least 4 hours and I was really tired afterwoods - there was a lot of lugging large sheets around, sweeping them down and running back and forth to mix up paint. Plus it must have been 38 degrees out on the plateau.

Another project is to attach a 3 x 6 metre section of shade cloth over the back door. This area has become very hot and exposed in summer due to the loss of 4 pine trees.

I am hoping that the shade cloth will also protect and aid any trees I plant this winter that will eventually shade this area.

I need a long section of batten to attach over the doorway to wrap one end of the shade cloth around.

Today I spent about an hour measuring, cleaning and priming an appropriate length of 2'' x 3'' jarrah.

Finally - I want to replace the temporary blue tarpaulins with some proper sheet metal in the gable area.

I will set this up so that Ross can put it on and off quickly when he is working on the steel.

I have a whole lot of heavy metal sheeting that I bought at the scrap metal yard two years ago for this purpose.

We are still not allowed to make sparks outside so I made a careful check again that I had removed all flammable materials in the garage area, closed all the doors and cut the first sheet using a metal cutting disk in a small power saw.

I attached the first triangle as the day was ending.

This job will continue next week.

Painting the retaining ring

Here's the product I used

Spraying the sheet metal

Sheet coverings look nice now

Painting the batten to carry the shade cloth

Covering the gable with metal sheeting