2011-Mar-12 - Wooroloo - Yard #4
Out to site at 7.00 am and left at 6.00 pm.

I had a big long list of tasks to work on but I'm getting more realistic now about how much I could achieve.

I concentrated on moving building materials off the plateau on to the storage area on the boundary.

This will bring us close to removing the Boral Quarry Dust and replacing the back yard with some proper earth.

Then we should be able to start some planting, plus it should be considerably cooler.

The first job was to relocate the front door frame lying on its support cradle.

Having removed all the slabs the previous weekend I was now in a position to move this on to the paved area at the back door.

The job was made all the more difficult by the presence of a wasp colony on one of the timbers.

Fortunately, at this early cool time of the morning they were sluggish and docile - though I could see them react every time there was a bump or sudden movement.

I gingerly dragged the cradle and door frame off the plateau and over the slab paving to its final resting place.

After this, there were several wheel barrow loads of firewood and general debris to clean away.

Next I moved my attention to a large pile of material behind the site toilet.

This contained a collection of Z purlins and gluelam beams.

Moving the Z pulins was a slow process - I decided that, rather than work through them a second time, I would accurately measure and record them. They already had lengths and item numbers against them from Kaj's work so I just had to check the thickness and make sure the dimensions were written in a consistent position where they could be easily read later on.

I went to some trouble and organised them by size with staggering so that all the dimensions were visible.

Eventually it became too hot to work outside so I spent several hours examining the list of available PFC steel and allocating it to its position in the building.

Later, when I emerged, I decided to move the gluelams. I found this to be very slow, dangerous work. I was painstakingly sliding each piece on cardboard lengths and running a significant risk of injuring my back.

Eventually I saw sense and went and asked Ross for some help - once he turned up we knocked the job over in five minutes.

Before cleaning away the door frame


Door frame relocated to paved area at back door

Wasp nest on door frame

Z Purlins relocated

Carefully marked up and staggered

Gluelams relocated

Steel allocation