2011-Jan-9 - Wooroloo - Installing Kitchen #10
I had organised to work on site on Sunday instead of Saturday - I had promised Linda to attend her sister's birthday party on Saturday evening.

I arrived on site at 6.30 am and left at 10.00 pm.

The first job was to grout the tiles above both counters.

We had bought two small bags of white grout but I only ended up using one of them.

I know, from watching Linda's brother, that this would take a professional about twenty minutes.

However, it took me about 3 hours by the time I had wiped back all the surfaces with a damp sponge.

Still a good job over all - the only slight defect was that I should have done a second base plaster filling over the joint flushing to bring the surface dead level - you can just make out a 2mm dip in the tile surface at this point. No one else seems to notice it unless I point it out.

A lesson to keep in mind when I'm working on the upstairs kitchen.

Next I followed Ross's advice and tape masked off the surfaces before applying flexible grout in the corners between the counter surface and the tiles. This ended up looking very neat.

Finally, I applied "No More gaps" to the outer tile edges to give them a clean appearance in preparation for painting.

Applying the base coat of the wall paint took me the rest of the day. It looks very white and clinical at the moment - I almost had snow blindness by the time I finished. The top coat will be an off white "Ivory" colour which should soften the colour scheme down to a considerable extent.

The small pieces of green tape on the tiles above the sink are to record the position of an electrical cable just above (they are measurements of distance up).

I have gone to this trouble because this is exactly the area in which I will be screwing overhead cupboards to the wall.

Next week I hope to apply the two top coats and finalise the range hood ducting.

Grouting completed

Base coat on walls

Ran out of base coat