2010-Nov-13 - Wooroloo - Electrical # 17
The original installation of the stove caused me major problems with positioning the cabinets and stove.

It consisted of a 20mm corrigated conduit emerging from a heavy duty, long, adapter mounted on a wall plate near floor level. This then travelled through a broad arc in to the back of the stove, again at right angles.

The consequences of this is that the stove, and any cabinet adjacent to it, had to be at least 200mm from the wall.

Initially I cut a 50mm hole in to the back of the cabinet and through its right hand back corner to allow a path for the "corry".

However, the wall mounting plate was still displacing the cabinet 20 mm from the wall and the stove was still well displaced.

In the end, I removed the wall plate and adapter and mounted a junction box inside the cabinet, covering the 50mm hole. I moved the adapter from off the wall plate to emerge at right angles to the junction box and inserted the "corry", holding it securely against the back of the cabinet with two half saddles.

At the back of the stove itself, I added a tight 90 degree elbow to the existing adapter and entered the stove through a lower, recessed, entry hole.

This had the additional advantage of being fixed and not part of the removable backing cover.

I pointed the elbow upwards so that as the stove is pushed in to the recess, the "corry" arcs upwards against the wall and then descends neatly in to the elbow.

The stove cannot be completed pushed up against the wall due to the elbow, but now the displacement is much less - about 50 mm.

Some gap still needs to be kept for air ventilation.

This whole arrangement avoided any cutting of the stove feed line (ie no additional joiners inside the junction box)

Inside the cabinet

At the back of the stove