2010-Nov-6 - Wooroloo - Installing Kitchen #5
On Friday I was out to site by 8.30 pm

Last week I had made a start on installing the bathroom door frame but it needed some packing installed between the frame itself and the stud framing. I searched around for various offcuts to fit the varying width of the gap and screwed them on to the stud frame.

I then popped the frame out again and primed up a few spots that would be unreachable once it was installed.

Then I checked and rechecked the measurements for the location of the oven side cabinets and siliconned the kick boards, that I had prepared during the week, in to position.

I had worked out how to get around the issue of the oven cable forcing once cabinet away from the wall.

This meant that I needed to trim about 20mm off the kickboard to accomodate this.

I placed the cabinets roughly on top to hold the boards in position until the silicon set.

By now it was 12.45 in the morning so I turned in. I did not like the fumes I had created in the kitchen area (silicon sealant) so I slept in the bathroom with the overhead extraction fan running.

Saturday morning - I didn't get up until 7.30 am and started work at 8.30.

I spent the first 2 to 3 hours cleaning up the last of the tree loppings, raking up and loading it onto the utility to take to the green waste.

Ross came over at about 11.00 to discuss the upcoming steel work.

We discussed this and life in general for about 2 hours.

Getting back on to the oven side cabinets, I drilled an additional hole through the corner of one of the cabinets. This was to ensure that the oven cable would "sit" correctly and not force the oven away from the wall.

I applied additional priming to the installed half of the door frame and installed the other half. Having learnt from hard experience when installing the back door, I took some pains to ensure that the frame was not deflected in its middle portion as I tightened the screws holding it in place.

Then I positioned the oven side cabinets accurately over the kickboards and locked them in to position by screwing in to the wall studs and down in to the kickboards.

The cabinet to the right of the stove had me thrown for a while.

It was not parallel to the stove, runing away by about 12mm. I checked the cabinet and the top for squarenes but was at a loss to explain the error.

Then I held a long straight edge up to the wall itself and found we had a deviation in the wall frames. This made sense as this wall is mounted over the top of the 100 mm step down to the garage area and some wobbles are to be expected across a 7.4 m span.

I worked around the problem by rotating the cabinet slightly to bring the counter top square to the oven, then scribed the error across the back of the counter top and trimmed off a small wedge.

This give a good cosmetic appearance apart from a small vertical gap between the cabinet and the wall - I will work out a way to tidy this up later.

So in the end, I achieved a snug fit between the stove and the counter tops on either side - this is pretty essential to prevent a lot of rubbish accumulating between the stove and its cabinets.

I applied more top coat to the raw end of the bench top (see story earlier in the week) and primer to the top edge of cabinet.

Now that all the cabinets and door frame were in position I could finalise the outstanding corner tiles. I spent at least an hour sorting through my offcut tile pile finding suitable pieces to fill in the gaps.

Once they had been correctly sized on the tile cutter, I cemented them in to position.

By now it was 9.00 pm in the evening.

I applied white gloss paint to the edge of cabinet I had primed earlier and then headed home.

Next week I just need to grout the corner tiles, hang the mirror and shower cubicle and then I can start painting the bathrooom.

Remains from the dead pine tree removal

All cleaned up

A large load to go to green waste

Cabinets locked in position

Adjusting for curve in wall

Bathroom door frame installed

Remaining corner tiles cut to size

Tiles installed