2009-Nov-13 - Wooroloo - Air Conditioner #1
About a month ago, I thought I had better do something about some temporary cooling while we install the internal lining

I know this sounds a bit woosy but it gets very hot on the creek side of the garage wall in the afternoon. Also - if the working environment is pleasant, we will be more productive

When Linda visited the demolition yard I asked her to check if they had any little "through window" units.

They wanted $200 which is probably reasonable but seemed like a bit of a waste of money.

I remembered that I had an old, portable split system unit stored away in my workshop.

It had stopped cooling - so the thought occurred to me that it might be repairable.

I found a local airconditioning mechanic in Darlington and took it around to him.

Turns out that it would cost $900 to replace a specific part - so he advised me to just take it to the scrap metal yard.

I mentioned that I would probably buy a small unit for $200 and do some "jury rigged" ducting to cool our work area.

He told me that he would have a very good second hand split, reverse cycle Daiken unit coming up in the next month or so - $200 to buy and $200 to install.

Today I picked up the unit and paid him his first $200.