2009-Dec-31 - Wooroloo - Kitchen #2
The one item that was missing from our $300 kitchen was a range hood (we cannot install a ceiling fan as there is only a 100mm cavity between floors)

I had already spotted a stainless steel range hood at Eldridges several days ago and asked them to ring me back with a price.

They rang back just as we were loading the kitchen cabinets on to the trailer in Cottesloe.

I could tell that I couldn't push Linda to visit the demolition yard on the way through to Wooroloo.

However, after checking prices for second hand range hoods the next day, we decided it was worth paying a visit.

The machine worked as far as the exhaust function, but the switch was broken and we couldn't see any lighting function within it.

Also it has a very obvious dent in the front face.

Linda talked Graham down from $80 to $50. I didn't get involved in the bargaining process - I just stood back and watch the two masters at work.

The machine was very dirty - completely caked in fat all the way through.

I spent the next two days completely dismantling and cleaning it.

I was also able to repair the broken switch (I even discovered that it was meant to have a lighting function) - so now it functions very well.

Now that we have our range hood, I have been able to install a GPO plate in the appropriate position above the stove.