2009-Dec-5 - Wooroloo - Electrical # 10
I completed the work I started on the laundry light switching last week - added a switching cable from next to the laundry external doorway.

I also ran a new lighting circuit to emerge just above the laundry door for the outside lighting / under veranda lighting.

I installed a switching cable to the laundry door area but then ran out of cable.

In the meantime I drilled a few more holes and made sure all the eyelets were ready to run a switch cable to the opposite end of the structure.

I still need to run a switch to switch cable for the kitchen light.

In the meantime, Kaj had connected last week's trench to the appropriate descending conduit and we ran a circuit for the future sump pump power socket from the switchboard area all the way out to the veranda post.

In the same trench we started work on connecting up one of the other descending conduits up as part of the outside lighting circuit - this is very undefined at this stage so we intend to use a 40mm conduit with just a cable pull installed at this stage.

Kaj came inside and continued working - he installed some additional stud metal near the switch box so that a section of the wall can be replaced by an inspection panel.

I'll need to bring along some 40mm conduit next week.

At the same time Kaj did a brilliant job hooking up yet another descending conduit (32mm) to run under the workshop and provide power and reticulation control cables to the water tank. This is still fairly undefined at this stage - so we will pull a power cable and 3 bundles of retic control for now.

I still need to buy a 32mm slow radius for this circuit, and check my cable collection for some retic control cable.

Finally - I went around all the nylon bush inserts and used silicon sealant to make sure they stay in place and do not pop out of the cut steel, exposing the cable to sharp cutting edges.

I still need to work out some switching cables for the eventual stairwell so that the stairwell can be turned on and off from the laundry area and higher up the stairs.

Outside lighting circuit to above laundry door

Cable installed for sump pump

More outside lighting circuits - start of conduit

Circuit to run water tank pump / solenoids

Circuit to run water tank pump

Using silicon sealant to retain inserts

Getting crowded around the switch box