2009-Nov-10 - Wooroloo - Electrical #5
Worked on a Tuesday to make up for having lost last Saturday (worked for a client all weekend)

Completed the temporary installation of the second hand GPO's in the workshop area to hide the cable pulling from the street (note this circuit will not be made live until the electricians wire it to the switchboard)

Continued on to do the internal street side, original laundry, internal creek side and temporary laundry circuits.

I also started the 600mm trench to the ecomax system outside the bathroom area, measured and started pulling cable. At the moment I have a temporary overhead cable that the electricians installed two years ago. It keeps getting in the way and I keep having to reroute it - so I will be very relieved when the permanent installation is finalised

Finished work at 7.30 pm so it's very handy to have the fluorescent lights installed.

Being a week day I had quite a few calls from clients, so I lost a couple of hours of work.

Cable tails near switch box

Start of the trench to the Eco Max

Planned trench to Eco Max