2009-Oct-6 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #7
Wayne had another urgent job he was called out to on Monday, but he did finish the job on Tuesday.

I now have the hot water heater and sewer stack installed.

It's leaking a bit around the connections to the gas heater and the cover was still off the heater.

Linda popped out Wednesday and took some photos.

On Thursday we had another lake - Ian rang up early in the monring to tell me the system had sprung a leak again.

I rang Wayne up and we agreed that the plastic to copper couplings must be single use only and that they should be replaced with new fittings.

I checked on Friday and he told me that he had replaced them Thursday and they were still holding on Friday morning.

The heater installed

A slow leak

Gas regulator and pig tails

Line for the new sewer stack