2009-Sep-26 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #5
Prepared the site for Wayne's work on this coming Tuesday.

I dug down under the line to the site toilet and the back door tap so that there would be no holdup when sinking the feed line.

Also I pegged the feed in line so that it was well away from the workshop wall and then close to the laundry wall for the best cosmetic layout of the risers.

I marked the position of the toilet pan in the small toilet planned for the street level as this affects the positioning of the main sewer stack

A hot and a cold feed are currently hanging under the ceiling level of the void - I drilled holes so that these could be moved up in to the ceiling space, passing through the purlins.

In addition, we are planning to set up a temporary laundry facility in the bathroom area - so I drilled holes through the stud framing to allow copper to be routed from the existing shower plumbing to a new laundry trough and washing machine taps.

I managed to make holes through the corner 4mm column which I am very pleased with - being able to do this now gives me a lot more options when running electrical cables.

Sinking the line to the site toilet

Sinking the line to the tap

Pegging the feed in line in to a convenient run

Pegging the feed in line #2

Pan position for street level

Relocating hot, cold feed in to the ceiling space

Provision for new temporary laundry

Getting through a corner column