2009-Sep-12 - Wooroloo - Many odd jobs
  • Relocated and separated Villaboard
  • Had roller door GPO's wired in
  • Tidied corner sisilation
  • Conduit for phone line to front corner
  • Tidied sisilation for laundry door
  • Mapped out trough, washing machine, clothes drier in bathroom
  • Installed washing machine and hand basin GPO plates
  • Attached dorf plate for washing machine plumbing
  • Attached mounting plate for trough copper plumbing

Restacked Villaboard in a non flooding area

Roller door wired in - 1

Roller door wired in - 2

Tidied corner sisilation - 1

Tidied corner sisilation - 2

Conduit to relocated telecom cable - 1

Conduit to relocated telecom cable - 2

Tidied laundry door sisilation

Trough, washing machine, drier mapped out