2009-Aug-31 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #3
With Wayne not willing to continue I have started talking to a new plumber.

I rang a Real Estate agent I know in Chidlow and asked them which plumber they could recommend from their work with rental houses/

They recommended Jim, in Gidgegannup.

I arranged to meet with Jim on Monday.

The questions I had for him were:

a) Was he prepared to rework the external copper connections to the way we were seeking.

b) Was he prepared to sign off on the existing work done.

His answer to the first question was 'Yes' but in regards to signing off he estimated that there would be significant expense to bring the waste piping up to his standard.

His issues were (refer to photos # 1 and 2 below):

1) In photo #1 (shower, handbasin, toilet pan) the two junctions should be Y junctions not Square junctions

2) In photo #1 the gas bottle fitting is less than 1m from the gully overflow. The danger being that a gas bottle leak could fill up the pipes and even the bathroom area.

Ian, my next door neighbour, who is a qualified plumber, but now an artist - says that this should be OK because both the shower and hand basins have p traps.

3) In photo #2 (laundry trough waste and continuation to stack for ground floor) the waste pipe is only 50mm and should be 65mm if it is going to be plumbed this way.

The 50mm pipe was cast in to the slab a long time before Wayne started on the job, so to a large extent this is not his fault. However, to be strictly correct, at this diameter, it needs to be run in to a gully overflow.

4) In photo #2, the continuation to the stack should not be this high out of the ground.

This has probably happened because the Ecomax system rose 100 mm out of the ground after it was installed.

This is a 'no through' area and I did not intend to pave over it - so to me, personally it is OK.

5) The copper piping installed in the stud frame is in a few places saddled directly to the frame material - this will cause electrolysis and corrosion.

His recommendations were to install Y junctions, and to move the gully overflow to the other side of the door so that the laundry trough waste could be run in to it, hence moving it further away from the gas cyclinder position.

The shower and hand basin lines would be rerouted to this new position.

A number of fittings could not be reused and would need to be thrown out.

Re paper work he said an initial "intention" form should have been lodged with the Plumbers Registration Board.

We checked with the board but they could not find it - I'm sure it has been lodged, probably in a slightly different way. Also now that Wayne no longer intends to work on the job he should fill in the reverse side of the copies of the intention form with copies going to the owners, Plumbers Registration Board and council.

I had a chat with Steve at the board and essentially he said that although some of the points were a bit picky (2 and 3 above), any new plumber would need to sign off that the work they were connecting to was of an acceptable standard.

He said that any new plumber would insist on changing over to Y junctions. This means that the overflow gully would need to be reinstalled - so while they were at it, it would make sense to relocate it and take care of issues #2 and #3 above at the same time.

Photo # 1

Photo #2