2009-Aug-24 - Wooroloo - Plumbing #2
We organised with Wayne to meet 8.30 am on Monday morning to look at sorting out the external copper work, plus extra work to relocate the laundry.

We arrived at 7.00 am so that I could finish sanding down the flushing of the joints and screws on the garage door insides.

I got Linda on to painting the first coat of paint on to this.

I dug a trench under the piping connecting all the external copper work to make it easier to do the relocation.

Unfortunately, when Wayne arrived, I was tied up with a phone call to a client experiencing problems with their server and couldn't get involved in the conversation.

Linda was having trouble convincing Wayne that we needed to change the layout.

Suddenly, Wayne said he didn't want to work on the job any more and left.

This left us a bit stunned, though later we found out that he had only just received some upsetting news.

So I guess we will need to find ourselves a new plumber.