2009-May-17 - Wooroloo - Remediating the northern side of the creek #1
Subsequent to buying the block, we lost all the vegetation on the north side of the creek, in the neighbours property.

The creek is completely denuded on this side.

We have been forced to build a form of retaining wall on this side of the creek, on our side of the fence, in order to hold a 1 metre pocket of soil in to which we could plant native trees and bushes.

Last winter, we planted about 10 trees across the north side of the creek (hoping to block out the view of Tom's shed, rubbish heap, tractor, car, etc)

Unfortunately most of these sapplings washed away, along with the soil

This year, I asked Ross to mound up the soil again.

With rain coming any day, I needed to find a way to prevent a repeat.

I covered a 10 m stretch of the creek side with weed cloth and then protected that with a row of 600 mm slabs.

Some of these slabs I will later replace with 2 x half slabs.

After the first rains, I will lift the odd half slab and plant sapplings, complete with their plastic pot, in to the stablised mound. I'm thinking that if I cut the bottom out of the pots and maybe drill some large holes in to the sides of the pots - this will keep the plants protected from wash out but at the same time allow the roots to spread.

It all looks rather ugly at the moment - but eventually as the trees become established we will be able to remove the slabs, and possibly even the retaining wall.

Every year is a new experiment - eventually we will find something that works.