2009-May-16 - Wooroloo - Restacking Roofing Timbers to Protect from White Ants
Had a lot of jobs to do at home today:

1) Restoring pallets - it occurred to me that 8 or 10 pallets might be quite useful to have out at the building site.

So I'm working my way through the remaining stack, breaking some down in to parts, and fixing others up using the parts

(Of course it would have made much more sense to only demolish decrepit pallets when I was obtaining materials for the roof frames - but who thinks that far ahead ?)

So - first job was tidying up some pallets that had a few pieces of cladding missing.

2) Finishing off the flue of the slow combustion stove in Mundaring.

Last winter we did a bit of a rush job on the flue, where it emerges through the roof sheeting.

Ian did a brilliant job dressing a sheet of lead to embrace it - but the inner flue stopped 500mm short of the outer sleeving - leading to the risk of the outer sleeving breaking down very quickly from the heat.

By now I had obtained another length of 6 inch flue. Also - I had hung on to the outer sleeve that was previously used on the pot belly. This contained a reasonable quantity of thermal insulation.

So after a bit of metal nibbling and snipping, and some poking of insulation - this job was finished off properly.

3) Sorting the timber from the garage demolition in to jarrah and karri.

Tony M had been ill for quite some time but now finally well enough to tentatively start some work. I also bent his ear with a whole lot of questions on how to install the cladding and flash it.

I got Tony M to work through all the salvaged timber marking the Karri with a 'K' in yellow chalk on the end.

I was very pleasantly surprised how much of the 4 x 2 inch timber was in fact jarrah. The same for the 3 x 2 inch long pieces that will be very useful as battens to the side of the z purlins on the next level up.

4) Moving the roofing timbers to a safer location.

After the white ant infestation in one of the sheds - I had been advised to move the previously purchased (about 2 years ago) collection of karri 5 x 2 inch roofing timbers on to support frames with a large inspection zone underneath.

I had already done this for the 5 x 2 jarrah brought home from the demolition.

Today I also started to move the very nice long pieces across on to this pile.

No white ants in sight thank goodness.

5 x 2 Roofing timbers safely restacked

Jarrah and Karri sorted