2009-May-8 - Wooroloo - Taking Delivery of the weatherboard cladding
Friday morning - sent my poor, long suffering wife, Linda off to Gunnersons with a dual axle trailer to pick up a pack of Weathertex 'Shadow Board' formlock cladding.

In my mind, she was going to bring it home, park it in the top driveway, and I would take it out with me on Saturday morning.

I had completely forgotten the debacle that occurred when I brought a load of 40 slabs down the driveway earlier in the year - it was almost impossible to pull it back up a sloping gravel drive.

Fortunately Linda remembered and rang me to suggest that we take the trailer straight out to Wooroloo.

To save getting tangled up around our local streets I suggested that she pull over at the park at the beginning of our street and I drove down to meet her.

I brought with me a chain and a padlock to secure the trailer overnight but was more inclined to unload the trailer out at Wooroloo that day.

Linda wasn't too keen; fortunately her good sense prevailed and I worked out a place where we could park the trailer overnight, chained to the house frame.

It turned out that my chain was too short and I had to borrow a longer one from Ross next door.

We reduced the event from a potential all day diversion to a brief outing. I was able to get back to my office and earn some money for the rest of the day.

On Saturday morning I was out on site by 7.00 am and spent the first hour removing and stacking spare sheets of corrugated iron I had thrown off the roof two weeks ago.

The undercover area then needed a fair amount of restacking, tidying and sweeping before I was ready to lay out some gluts and unload the trailer.(I had to allow enough room around the sides for my rolling scaffold so I could drill holes for power cables).

I then spent the next one and a half hours carefully sliding planks off the trailer and stacking them in the undercroft.

I had almost finished when I noticed that I was stacking them incorrectly.

Each plank has a nylon spine projecting from the back for alignment. I had stacked these back to back but this meant that the spines on the lower most planks were being quite badly compressed.

I needed to offset each plank against the other so that the spines slid past the edge of the next plank.

I had to pretty much move all the planks back on to the trailer and start again.

Much swearing, and another one and half hours later, I had the planks neatly stacked on the floor and covered in tarpaulins.

On the trailer

Restacked in the undercroft