2008-Jul-16 - Wooroloo - Is there something wrong with the quality of my communications ?
I organised with Eldridges Demolition for them to deliver 1200 recycled red bricks.

They had some very good, wire cut bricks, that had never had mortar - used as a pathway at a demolished house.

Graham gave me a good price (65c each) and delivery all the way out to Wooroloo was very reasonable (2 trips at $70 each) - so all in all a very good deal - they look after me well there.

After my previous experiences I decided that I was going to be absolutely precise as to where I wanted the bricks placed.

I didn't want the bricks taking up room on the pad area as I'm already having trouble backing up the trailer when I deliver materials to site.

I had Linda paint a sign saying "Bricks Here" and placed it down in the muddy strip between the edge of the sand fill (near the site toilet) and the fence line.

I then said "dump the bricks right on top of the sign"

The photo below shows where they ended up.