2008-Jul-5 - Wooroloo - Picking up PFC's from Vinsans and Wayne
Did a real round robbin trip today.

Arranged with Vinsans to pick up the remainder of the PFC's I bought on the 1st.(PFC 180 for back wall of ground level, PFC 150 for veranda)

Then I shot up to Marangaroo to pick up some copper piping I spotted in the Quokka, then back down to Trigg to pick up more PFCs from a chap named Wayne (also from Quokka)

(Managed to lose my nice new $36 tape measure along the way)

Then back via Reid Highway, Toodyay Rd, Bailup Rd to Wooroloo where I rearranged the steel from the other day and added in today's offerings.

Getting these PFC 150's for about $15 per metre which is much cheaper than the $54 per metre I was recently quoted

Will need to spend a lot of time cleaning them up and extra cost for welding together - but hopefully worth it (at least I'm avoiding the transport costs of 12m beams)