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2019-Dec-21 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #9
Details are a bit sketchy as I am documenting this a week late - so I will just talk about every thing that happened from Saturday through the week.

At this stage I was working on the premise that if I braced the door frames very firmly (corner gussets and diagonal braces) then I would be able to size and fit the doors and just install the whole assembly when once on site.

It is very comfortable working from home - I can stop for a beer, a cold drink, lunch, coffee, watch TV.

Out on site, where I want to install the double door sets, it is hot and exposed .

Anyway, to this end, I spent the weekend bracing both the test frame and frame #1 with 150 C purlins on three sides as well as corner gussets and cross braces.

I also installed the stops along with the AQ 109.

By Monday, I had dropped the #1 doors in to the #1 frame - this was userful as I could then gauge how closely they would fit - it turned out that they were a bit too tight.

Around Monday midday, Peter turned up to give me some advice.

It turned out that I was doing everything back to front - I needed to install the frames and secure them, then install the fixed door, and then modify the locking door to fit. Finally the stops should be installed to "kiss" the doors.

He showed me how to rebate for the hinges on the door frame using a small router trimmer.

Half of Monday, Wednesday and Thursday went on social events around Christmas - so I made slow progress on assembling and rebating the door frames.

I practiced using the test frame.

I also experimented with ways to hoist the work surface up to a comfortable position instead of working squatting on the ground.

Test frame with corner gussets and stops

Test fitting of doors into frame #1

Gear for rebating door frames

Practice rebate in the test frame

Experimenting with a comfortable working position