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2019-Dec-14 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #8
I was out on site a few days earlier to see how the aqamac 109 weather strip fits in to a professionally made door frame.

While I was there I picked up a few lengths of undressed 4x 2 jarrah.

On Saturday I ran this through the jointer and then the thicknesser to take it down to 40 mm.

I then used the table saw to take 15 mm slices and ran these through the thicknesser to achieve 40 x 12 mm lengths of stop.

These will be used in various door frames.

After this I reassembled door frame #1 and tacked corner pieces over the back to keep it stable.

I repeated this for a copy of door frame #1 so that I can do some testing without messing up the real door frame.

We have been looking in to purchasing some AQ 109 but it costs $500 for 250 m and I only need about 100 m total.

So if anyone wants to go halves in a roll with me - please get in contact.

Creating my own stops

Door frame #1 and test copy

Aqamac 109 in a door frame