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2019-Nov-16 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #4
I was out on site by 7.00 am and went straight to work installing additional tarpaulins at either end of the wall.

This went well, however, the left lens fell out of my glasses and despite searching the veranda for half an hour I could not find it amoungst all the leaves and debris.

If this had happened two hours later then it would not have been a problem as my second job scheduled for the day was to clean up all the leaf litter.

I rang Linda who managed to book me an appointment for an hour away.

I shot back to Mundaring, but on the way to the optometrist I dropped back home and picked up a previous pair of distance glasses.

At my appointment I was lucky - we could transplant a lens from the old pair to my current pair.

This got me out of the immediate poo but we also did the eye test and as it was 4 years since my last prescription we have ordered a new pair of spectacles.

I think I was annoying the optometrist - I was a bit hyper (if was forecast to be a very hot day and I wanted to get back on site as quickly as possible before the worst of the heat).

She told me I needed to slow down and look after myself - so after our appointment I stopped for a coffee at Dome and then headed back out to site - in all, probably 3 hours lost out of my working day.

Back on site, I threw a lot of gear off the veranda to the ground 3 metres below.

I then used my leaf blower to clean up all the verandas and a good portion of the internals of the house at street level.

If I had not lost time I could have done more tidying up before the leaf blowing and left it 100 % clean - as it was, I probably managed a 90% clean which is still a considerable improvement.

By now it was warming up - so I had a break and then started working on dismantling the final double door and frame.

At this point Jim and Sandy turned up - so I had another break but then Jim helped me with the doors and this saved me a considerable amount of time.

Next I carefully removed all hardware from the doors - hinges, locks, brackets, etc and loaded them on to the trailer.

As evening approached it was finally cool enough to put away all the gear that I had thrown off the back veranda.

Also, there were now piles of leaves lying around, so I raked these up.

Finally - a bit of dinner and then I headed home.

Installing more tarpaulins

Debris thrown off veranda

Veranda after a session with the leaf blower

Taking the last set of doors home