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2019-Nov-9 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #3

I wanted to rig a tarpaulin off the back wall as early as possible in the day as a maximum of 40 deg C was predicted.

I was up at 5.00 am and out on site by 7.00.

The tarpaulin went up fairly easily. It is only 7 metre long so it does not fully cover the 10 wall but I intend to suplement it with tarpaulins taken from the front of the house.

The next job was the "grand reveal" of the front bay windows.

I took down the 3 tarpaulins, all the ropes, the star pickets holding the ropes and all the debris on the front veranda.

It's looking quite good I think.

After this I started working on the next door frame and its two doors - we are up to set #3 now.

This set actually has hinged doors. I was held up by an "after market" security lock - the plunger type attached at the bottom of the door.

Because I did not have a key for it my only option was to cut through the "plunger" rod.

There was a fire ban in effect so I was not allowed to use my angle grinder.

However, I did have with me my reciprocating saw so I was able to use this with a metal cutting blade without creating any sparks or excessive heat.

I had the doors out of the frame quite quickly.

At this point Jim and Sandy turned up, also Paul who was returning my trailer.

So we all had quite a long cup of coffee and a chat.

Eventually I left them all to it and went back to working on the doors - I prefer to remove all the hardware so that the doors can be transported without damaging each other.

Also I need them completely bare for any refurbishing and painting.

After about an hour I had both doors stripped bare and loaded on to the trailer.

By now it was the hottest part of the day so I retreated inside to the air conditioning and fell asleep for a while.

When I woke up it was 5.00 pm so I packed up and headed home.


Caught up with Trevor for breakfast which was great.

After this I set up to sand back the patched up door where the rotten wood had been replaced by epoxy.

I donned some protective gear and went to work - took me about an hour to treat every surface.

I believe I have a second round of minor patching to do but already the door is looking much better than its original state.

Back wall tarpaulin

The grand reveal

Door set #3 loaded to go

Patched door set #1 sanded back