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2019-Nov-2 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #2

It had rained for the last few days so I waited until 10.00 am for the weather to clear.

Once on site, I pretty much immediately stopped for coffee with Jim and Sandy.

Next, I spent some time taking accurate measurments of the back wall and recorded them in my notebook.

Then I moved on to the next set of doors - dismantling it in to the door frame components and the two doors.

These I loaded on to the trailer.

Finally, towards the end of the day, I painted the flashing above the bay windows.


The first job this morning was to unload the doors and door frame off the trailer.

The rest of the day went in to working out the best spacing of the doors in to the back wall.

I had several attempts at this and it wasn't until I discussed it with Linda that my ideas clarified.

I drew up a plan that satisfied us both.

I then took some stud frame strapping, rolled it out flat, and marked it up with the measurements as a template.

Each door frame and spacing was represented by a short segment of strapping.

I laid this out in our patio area to show Linda and satisfy myself that I had my calculations correct.


Midway through the working day I headed out to site with the back wall template.

I verified that my plan was correct and worked out where to position the two additional columns that will need to be inserted.


I am gradually repairing the damaged doors using 2 part epoxy.

It looks like only two of the doors have any major degredation, the rest having only minor or no damage at all.

Painting the flashing above the bay windows


Testing the calculations with a template

Refurbishing the doors