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2019-Sep-21 - Wooroloo - Windows #85
I worked from home today.

The first job was to apply a 35 mm wide, 5 mm deep rebate to the door architraves.

Next I worked through every architrave cutting the 45 degree mitre joint and then cutting the timbers to length.

I had taken careful measurements for every window - so each piece was cut to a custom length according to its placement.

Two of the pieces required some extra patching with two part epoxy.

I left these out in the bright sunshine to hasten the curing process.

After this I went on to create the final small infill panels for the door frame.


The patched architraves had cured quite nicely by morning.

Linda and I headed out to site at around 10 am.

I needed Linda's help to hold each architrave in position and check that the rebates were adequate.

We also checked out the artwork that Ian had already installed - very good work, full of energy and motion.

After Linda had left I carried on and hand fitted each of the small door infill panels - mainly using an electic plane to take off a few millimetre here and there.


On the way back from an appointment I stopped off at Vinsans to look for some LVL's that I will soon need for the back wall.

They had some perfect pieces 2.6 metres long by 240 mm by 65 mm.

I need 5 lengths of just under 2 metres so these looked like very good candidates.

I dropped in at home and then headed on out to site to confirm that these would work for my plans - looking good.

In the meantime, during the day, Linda had done an excellent job priming all the architrave timbers.


The first few hours of the morning were taken up with some urgent work for a client.

After that I headed back to Vinsans and picked up the LVL's.

I also dropped in to Frank at Barewood Restorations which was nearby.

In the late afternoon I stripped off all the rubbish still attached to the pieces - electrical cable straddles, etc.

In the meantime, Linda had done excellent work applying the first coat of Brunswick Green top coat.

Architraves and infills prepared for test fitting

Small door panels fitted

LVL's purchased for back wall