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2019-Sep-14 - Wooroloo - Windows #84
Today I took the door infill and the two window infills out to site.

In addition I took a number of small pieces of timber that I hoped would be useful to create a "toggle" at the top of each window to hold in the top of each infill.

The first window took me a while until I figured out a system.

I gradually became faster and more efficient as I worked through the windows.

Unfortunately I could not mount all infills as Ian, our neighbourhood artist, took two back to his studio.

We are discussing an art installation using the blank window panels - watch this space.

By 2.00 pm I was finished and exhausted.

Jim and Sandy visited for about an hour and then helped me install the front door panel.

I have locked this in place with a single cross beam.

After that I reinstalled the corner trims and took more measurements for the remaining small front door panels.

As the day drew to a close I stowed my tools and tidied up a little.


Some of the architraves will require a 30 mm wide rebate of 2mm depth to accommodate the projection of the cladding.

I held off doing this during work breaks as using the router in a router table to do this requires some skill and concentration.

At the end of work on Friday I made a start on this and processed all the affected window vertical architraves.

Technique for constructing toggles

Progress by the end of the day