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2019-Sep-7 - Wooroloo - Windows #83

I didn't seem to achieve much today.

Firstly, I needed to spend quite a while gathering up all my scattered tools.

Secondly, I intended to arrive out on site around mid morning so that the remaining areas to paint were dry and warm.

Finishing off the second coat took a few hours, followed by a coffee around at Jim and Sandy's.

After this, I took detailed measurements for every window and door of any projections beyond the facing.

I will use this information to work out the rebates for each architrave.


Again a late start because 10 am is the starting time for making noise on a construction site on a Sunday.

Lots of little painting details.

I cut back the temporary roof behind the front door so that I could test out the infill sheet.

It fitted perfectly.

After this, I worked my way around every window and rasped back any planks that projected too far to fit under the architrave rebates.

I applied primer to the raw timber and a few hours later a top coat.

Also the door frame received another coat to the overhead architrave and to the main upright studs.

After coffee with Jim and Sandy I also applied top coat to the edges of the planks at the corners of the house.

Tuesday /Wednesday

I completed two more of the larger window infills.

I'm afraid these are getting heavier and heavier - I could see a bow in the chipboard and so added some vertical battens to straighten them out.


Linda gave the door and two window infills two coats of paint

The door infill

Temporary roof removed for testing infill

Oversize planks rasped back