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2019-Aug-31 - Wooroloo - Windows #82
I took it easy this morning - up late, coffee at Dome with Ian, and then on to finishing off the fourth smaller window fill.

This took me up to midday and then I headed out to site.

I took a lot of measurements of the doorway - checking that it was relatively square and working out how much to rebate the vertical architraves.

After this I masked up under its installed horizontal architrave and applied the first coat of Brunswick Green paint.

Following this I painted the front surface of the door way with Heritage Cream (I only applied primer prior to moving and installing the door frame because I knew the surfaces would end up scuffed).

After this I loaded up the large melamine sheets that I discovered in the void area, headed home and offloaded them to one of the verandas.

Monday to Friday

During the week I processed the large sheets of chip board to produce two infills for the large window and an infill for the front door.

I then had Linda patch the screw holes and rub them back over a number of days.

I'm afraid that the panels made from the chip board are becoming heavier and heavier.

I am having to add longitudinal battens to remove a significant amount of bowing from each sheet.

Later in the week, the rain let up, and we were able to move out in to the sunshine and give the 6 window panels two coats of paint

Finishing off the 4th small window fill

Architrave and front surfaces painted

Linda painting