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2019-Aug-10 - Wooroloo - Windows #79
I worked on the house on both Saturday and Sunday.

During the preceeding week I had cut the last row of planks down to size so that they would just reach to the top of the structure but would allow the Colorbond rooves to fit over correctly.

Even before nailing these on, my first job was to remove the set of bolts attaching the loft floor bridging to the front of house steel beam.

I will re-establish these a little later - it will involve drilling through the Colorbond to reinsert the bolts.

The cut down planks, along with their cut down soakers, were nailed on without incident and I then brought the rooves out of storage and test placed them.

A small rectangle needed to be snipped out of each piece at the point where they meet the two small planks on the outside and the single cross plank to go across the top of the door. Each of these points will require some flashing and I fashioned this out of thin aluminium sheeting.

At this point it was near the end of Saturday. I had not brought some any WeatherTex planking to cut up for across the door, and also Sandy and Jim visited me and we had coffee.


Marking up and cutting the plank above the door took quite a few hours.

This was followed by creating the flashing at the interface with the rooves and this plank.

Finally I was ready to glue down the roof panels.

I used Sikaflex Prox adhesive - used for gluing vehicles together, very strong and very expensive - $36 per tube.

On the first panel it gave me quite a fright as it grabs very quickly and for a moment I thought I would not have a chance to manoeuvre the piece in to its final position.

However, after an hour I had all the pieces in position and the flashing glued in place as well.

Next Saturday I need to install the architrave above the door, followed by some header flashing and then a final plank for a good cosmetic appearance.

I am not sure if I will have the architrave ready in time as I am making it up out of floorboard material and will need several days to epoxy any nail holes and apply the oil based primer.

Progress by the end of the day