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2019-Aug-3 - Wooroloo - Windows #78

I had done quite a lot of preparatory work in the evenings of the previous week - cut out planks to fit over the window, soakers modified, architraves created and painted and planks prepared for above the window.

My first job today was to install the cut out planks - this was straight forward.

The next job - I was quite nervous about - installing the architraves.

This takes me a long time and I find it very exacting (I think I described my steps a few weeks ago).

After this I needed to fold up some flashing on my "poor man's pan brake". This went better than last time. I dobbed on some adhesive and temporarily nailed on some scrap WeatherTex to hold it in position while I had a coffee with Jim and Sandy.

By now it was 4.30 pm - it was starting to rain and darkness was closing in.

I fired up a work light and I was quite comfy under the tarpaulin even though it rained heavily for a while.

I installed one plank above the flashing - which locked it in place quite nicely.

Two more planks to go - I am hoping to visit for a while on Sunday.


A very lazy start to the day (breakfast at Mojo's) and not out on site until midday.

The last two planks went up quickly (about half an hour each now - getting faster).

Then a couple of hours applying flashing over the doorway and scratching my head as to how all this will work in with the sheet metal rooves that are waiting to go on.

I know I need to cut two sets of bay window side and front planks (and cut some off the top).

I can prepare this before next Saturday.

However, the rest I will have to make up on the spot as I will need to figure out the last of the flashing on the go.

All in all - a good weekend's work - I achieved my objective.

Progress by the end of Saturday

Progress by the end of Sunday