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2019-Jul-27 - Wooroloo - Windows #77

I had quite a few items to load, plus it was a cold morning - so not out on site until 9.00 am.

As well as the 3 rows I had prepared in the last two days, I had one spare out on site that had not yet been installed on the RHS.

This gave me 4 rows.

The first row was a little slow as I had to cut the pieces to fit around the edges of the sills.

After this, the installation went relatively quickly and I had all rows installed by 1.00 pm.

As part of the process I confirmed that each row needed 4 x 65 mm and 2 x 55 mm pieces - so now I know what to cut for the remaining 5 rows to the top of the windows.

When I returned home I spent about 4 hours finalising the architraves that I am creating out of floorboards.

I cut each piece to length plus 100 mm spare and then ran them through the bull nose router bit one more time.

I had noticed that for some to the longer pieces with a slight bow that the router bit was doing an incomplete job.

Once cut to shorter, almost straight lengths, the bow was considerably reduced and it was worth a second pass.

I even installed a straight shank router bit and rebated in to the reverse side of each piece.

I am not sure of the function of this rebate - one person told me it was to prevent moisture build up, another said it was to stop the timber warping.

Either way - I thought I had better replicate it.

This gives me enough architrave to complete both bay windows.

I estimate that if I bought new stock it would cost me $300.

I have spent 6 hours on this so far and probably another 4 hours to go for surface repairs - so I will need to have a hard think as to whether this is a practical idea.

On Sunday I hope to cut up all the WeatherTex planks for the next 5 rows.

Progress by the end of Saturday

Architraves made out of floorboards

End profile of architraves