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2019-Jul-6 - Wooroloo - Windows #74
Even with all the WeatherTex planks cut to length and edge primed, and all the soakers modified for this installation, progress was remarkedly slow.

I had hoped to install 9 runs within the window area and another 5 above.

However, all I managed was 6 runs in total.

I have to admit that I did not start work until after 8.00 am and probably spent at least two hours chatting with visitors.

Each run is quite slow - I tack the planks lightly in place, compare the top of each plank against the laser level marks and insert spacers as required to bring them all up to one level.

After this, I nail them in permanently.

For each run I also discovered that two of the short pieces of WeatherTek need trimming back even further, followed by edge priming on the new raw edge.

Also the soakers are quite slow to install and I agonise over the orientation of each one.

Towards the end of the day I realised that I was low on 60 mm and 55 mm pieces so I took time out to cut 6 of each and prime their edges - these will be available to me next time I come out to site.

I ran out of time and light to drop the tarpaulins so I hope these are still intact by next Saturday.

Another hold up is that I have realised that, once I have installed the first plank above the windows, I will need to install the horizontal part of the architrave so that I can install the window head flashing.

I need to purchase some architrave materials and cut, prime and top coat this during the week.

Monday thru Friday

During the week I purchased a 2.4 m and 1.8 m length of jarrah architraving from Bunnings and primed and top coated these.

These are very expensive (over $8 per metre).

I have realised that I can cut down jarrah floorboards (which I already have of $3 per metre) and use a router bit to add the bull nose.

To try this out I have ordered the router bit from Tool Mart

Progress by the end of the day