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2019-May-25 - Wooroloo - Windows #68
A good day - I actually achieved what I set out to do.

First, I was out on site (must admit some time was spent having a coffee, reading the papers and talking to Ian next door).

While I was warm, inside the kitchen, I marked up and cut the Dupont flexible flashing to fit the six upper corners of the RHS bay windows.

I'm getting quite efficient at installing these now.

After this, I installed 3 pieces of flashing above the three windows.

Back home I worked on assembling together all the patched and painted components of the door frame.

This was quite time consuming - I had painted up all the tenon joints and sockets using primer and enamel top coat.

The joints were particularly tight and had to be coaxed together with large F clamps and pipe clamps.

Once the frame was assembled I made many thorough checks of dimensions and spent a lot of time correcting it to a couple of millimetres.

Finally I predrilled and hammered in some substantial 100 mm galvanised nails.

This was followed by cutting some new CCA pine wedges and hammering these in to the cavities in the joints.

I touched up some paint work and repaired one split so this will need to rest until tomorrow evening.

Monday through Friday

I did not record this in detail so it is a bit jumbled together.

During breaks in my work I finished off the door frame and mobilised the bed it was laying in.

This involved flipping the door over to run nails though in the opposite direction.

There was also some gluing of cracks that appeared during this process and some touching up of paint.

I sent poor, long suffering Linda up to Bunnings in Joondalup to secure some pneumatic caster wheels and I created mounting strips so that they could clamp underneath the work bed.

I had to nip out to site to pick up my winchup trolley and I used this to lower the bed off the carpentry horses down on to the wheels.

On Saturday morning I will need to roll this assembly up to the trailer and hoist the bed across ready for transport to site.

Flashing window corners with Dupont product

Progress on flashing by the end of the day

Door frame assembly by end of day

Completed frame on bed on wheels