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2019-May-18 - Wooroloo - Windows #67
This was a very late start to the working day.

I slept in and then spent an hour applying primer to the door timbers and decking oil to the threshold piece.

After this, Linda and I went to vote in the federal election and then had breakfast at a local café. Back home I painted the other sides of the door timbers and eventually headed out to site.

Once on site I inserted the spaghetti insulation above the RHS window frames.

I then sanded back the patching filler on the external staff beads and also rubbed back some of the enamel coating where there were obvious paint runs.

Then a coating of primer where appropriate.

It was almost the end of the day but I started working on applying the flashing over the LHS windows.

To this end I trimmed the building wrap to end about 80 mm above the window frames.

While doing this I noticed that some moisture had entered behind the building wrap due to run off from the bay window "roof".

This was once covered in transparent builder's plastic but unfortunately this seems to break down very quickly and the structure was effectively unprotected from the rain.

This has not been a problem up until last week as it has been quite a while since we had any rain.

The moisture is not a problem as all the timber work is CCA treated and mould will not survive on this surface.

However, I would prefer not to have any moisture occuring where it should not be.

Rain is expected on Monday and it was too late to do anything today with darkness closing in.


I would much rather have had a relaxing day seeing a movie but I realised that I needed to replace the plastic on the rooves of the bay windows.

This time I used black builder's plastic which seems to have a longer life.

I took the bay window template with me (good thing that I had not thrown it out - I thought I was finished with it) and I used it to cut outlines in the black plastic to form a temporary cover.

I cleaned up the roof of each bay window and stapled on the plastic, followed by trimming all the edges to 80 mm to keep it looking tidy.

By mid afternoon I was able to move on to flashing above the windows.

I used my expensive Dupont product to flash around the corners and then inserted Poly Flash and snipped this appropriately so that it could fold down at the corner of each frame.

I ended up with a neat and reliable result.

I started work on the RHS bay window and reached as far as trimming the wrap back by the 80 mm above the window frames.

By now it was dark so I stopped work for the day.

I still need to apply enamel over the external staff beading patched holes before I can move on to installing the top of the window flashing on this side,

Painting the door timbers

Roof cover, building wrap trimmed back

Flashing the corners

Completed flashing above windows