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2019-May-11 - Wooroloo - Windows #66
Today I headed out with the intention to work out the front door placement. Also to tidy up the window trim fixing / patching.

I placed the threshold and two stiles in position but nothing would line up correctly - the wings of the door sill sat nice and flush on the right hand side but exposed a significant gap on the left hand side.

Once Jim and Sandy looked at it we realised that although I had machined the top and bottom into parallel, the faces of the wings were still twisted.

I had a deja vu attack early in the morning so I packed up and headed home while I could still remember my way.

So very little achieved on Saturday.


I organised with my client to have a day off.

I showed linda what I intended to do to the sill - ie rasp the lhs to have the same angle as the rhs.

Linda pointed out that if I did this then I would end up with the lhs 10 mm narrower than the rhs.

It turns out that both wings are roughly the same size but if I rasp away the twist then one side will be significantly narrower.

I realised that I should just install the sill so that the side stiles project out 20mm and then cover any gaps in the sill wings with quarter round.

When I examined the sill closely I could see nail holes from where quarter round was previously attached.

I made a short visit to site again, taking the same door frame components with me and under this new scenario I found everything lined up perfectly - 20 mm projecting externally (lines up with weatherboard) and 12 mm internally (lines up with gyprock).

Taking some of the door frame out to site

OK with some beading