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2019-May-4 - Wooroloo - Windows #65
I would have like to have gone out to site to finish off the work from last week (rub back patching and apply primer) but it was raining lightly this morning.

Instead I concentrated on sanding back the repairs to the front door frame timbers.

For most of the excess patching filler I used a belt sander followed by an orbital sander to feather it in to the surface. However, for the rebated surfaces I could only use the belt sander for a limited cut down because the sanding surface of the belt could only reach partway across the rebate leaving a rut.

I was forced to clean this up using the orbital sander. This was much less effective than the belt sander and it involved a lot of physical effort.

So at the end of the day I was pretty tired.

This was the third round of patching and sanding and I had hoped it would be the last.

However, I can see a few details that I would like to improve - it would drive me nuts if I did not deal with them - so a fourth round is now necessary.

I had hoped to have the timbers primed by the end of this weekend but it is not to be.

Another task is to take the sill and one side member out to site to work out where the groove should be routed for inserting the side flashing.

So still a way to go before the front door frame is installed.


In the morning we went to see "Top End Wedding" (very good) and as soon as I was home I did another round of patching>

Patching and sanding progress end of Saturday