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2020-May-16 - Wooroloo - Back Wall #30
Short notes today (pressure of work).


Arrived on site and continued cutting flashings to length as per last week.

After testing for fit I removed them and placed them to one side.

I need a 10 mm clearance between the flashing and the ends of the veranda joists - so a time consuming job to trim them - about 30 joists involved.

First I ran along with a 5.25 inch angle grinder with a 1.5 mm thick blade to cut down as far as possible.

Then in the same cuts I repeated with a 2.5 mm blade.

This then allowed me to use a steel cutting blade in a reciprocating saw.

Finally I used a die grinder to cut most way through near the base of the scrap piece and then fatigue it off.

After this - an arduous job to clean all the accumulated dirt and tannin off the lower (already installed) piece of flashing with detergent and a scrubbing brush.

This was followed up with cold galvanising on every raw exposed surface.

End of the day - I stayed on site overnight.


I was outside by 8.00 am but could not make any noise until 9.00 am being a Sunday.

I applied a protective coat of paint to all the new, raw, exposed pine stud framing - not really necessary but a good precaution for the future in case the rain ever penetrates (H3 pine does not really like being exposed to the elements over a long period).

By now it was 10.00 am and I moved on to installing the flashing that I had prepared on Saturday.

This took quite a few hours.

After a break I started applying the building wrap but by now it was time to pack up and button everything down.

Next week I must complete the building wrap and move the TV antenna - easily a day's work involved with that.

Flashing installed