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2019-Apr-6 - Wooroloo - Windows #61
Another Saturday where I had to work on this urgent client project.

I managed to get a little work done on Sunday (enamel top coat on the draft beading) and to visit the site to bring home the platform to support the front door restoration.


Today, in between answering calls from my client, I continued with the top coat and did a quick fix (a bit of bush carpentry) on the base for the door.

One corner appears to have taken a bit of weather and I had to replace a few timbers (mainly packing case pine).

Also some horizontal sections had bowed - I reinforced these with lengths of 45 x 90 jarrah.


At the end of the day I placed the door frame components on to the base, took many measurements and decided on the spacings that are required between the stiles.


At the end of the day I fabricated 4 sets of braces to hold the door stiles in position accurately - each stile is held in place with pine wedges - so there is at least 30 mm of free play.

First top coat of enamel applied

Bringing home the base for the door restoration

Restoring the door base

Braces to position the door accurately